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There is a Plan to Bring the Lagoon back to health.
Save Our Lagoon Project Plan
Brevard County's Save Our Lagoon Project Plan implements priority projects that will help reach sustainable cleanup levels by completing wastewater upgrades, septic tanks, stormwater cleanup, muck removal, and much more.

The plan needs a dedicated source of funds.

The Save our Lagoon Tax referendum generates $34 M/year (for 10 years) and helps fund the Save our Lagoon Plan.

Clear communications, clear accountability, and a clear plan.

All revenue generated through this referendum will be accounted for in the Lagoon Trust Fund which will be independently audited to ensure funds are managed as intended.

An external Oversight Committee will advise the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners about plan implementation and changes, ensuring the plan is implemented and all actions are communicated back to the public.

The MRC IRL Report Card provides an independent, external communication of how the plan and other projects in the lagoon are improving the lagoon's health.

MRC IRL Report Card
Click here to view the first-ever IR Health Update.
Brevard's Save The Lagoon Referendum Update

Virginia Barker speaks on the current status of Brevard County's Save The Lagoon Plan, at the Marine Resources Council's Holiday Charity Event, to help grow their mangrove farm and shoreline restoration efforts, to help save the lagoon. Thank you to our title sponsor and event host Melbourne BMW.

View the Save Our Lagoon Project Plan.

The Save Our Lagoon Project Plan was presented at the August 9, 2016 Brevard County Commissioners meeting. You can view the presentation from that meeting on the Brevard County website.

The presentation begins at approximately 1:20:00 of the video. You can also click on agenda item VI.A.3, below the video window on the Brevard County website, for a direct link to that section of the video.

Save Our Lagoon Project Plan video presentation
Is the Lagoon Worth Saving?

According to an updated economic study, the Lagoon generates $7.6 Billion in annual revenues to our regional economy and results in an additional $934 Million in annualized real estate value.

The Lagoon Is Worth $7.6 Billion in Annual Revenues
The same study estimates that it will take an annual investment of $230 M/Year to cleanup the lagoon to sustainable levels.

Comparing annual cleanup cost ($230M) to the IRL’s annual generated revenue ($7.6 B/Year), the Return on Investment (ROI) from a sustainable IRL is 33 to 1.

The Plan Offers a 33-to-1 Return on Investment
For every dollar spent on achieving a sustainable IRL, the lagoon returns $33 in total economic value.

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